What’s the Buzz with Anavar Steroid?

With the increasing demand for fast-paced and effective steroids, more and more formulas have become available in the market today. Not all steroids have the same effects – some may be suited for those who are dieting while some are focused more on building size and mass. Anavar is no stranger when it one talks about steroids as it is most effective to use when you want to go on a diet, though it is found to be more effective in men compared to women. Though considered as a mild steroid, what’s the big deal in using Anavar steroid?

Anavar steroid results

What’s in Anavar Steroids?

Oxandrolone is the generic name for Anavar and it is an oral form of the anabolic steroid, dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This means Anavar is activated quickly in the body after taking it. But because of this, DHT-based steroids need to be taken several times a day.

The Benefits of Anavar

Since it’s a steroid, you have to expect that there are some gains in using Anavar steroid. With its short half-life, you’re probably skeptical about its effects, but you might be surprised at what benefits you can get with Anavar.

1. Growing Muscle Mass

Compared to other steroids, the oxandrolone hormone in Anavar gives you weight gain coming from lean muscle mass. While you don’t retain much water from Anavar, what you gain is a bulk gain in your lean muscles which are easier to maintain. It should be noted though that women are more sensitive to the effects of Anavar, so you can expect better and faster Anavar effects on women.

Anavar steroid for women2. Losing Weight

Without a doubt, Anavar also helps in shedding off the excess fat in both men and women. During the cutting phase, anabolic steroids are often used. In other words, Anavar steroids are more effective in the dieting phase since it allows you to retain more of your lean muscle tissue while losing the excess fat that you have gained. The key to making Anavar work in weight loss is to couple it with proper diet and adequate exercise since you have to burn more calories than you gain. The testosterone then helps by burning the fat and helping you reach that ideal weight.

3. Muscle Strength

a. Anavar also works in improving overall strength. Though not as significant as other steroids, it can still be noted. Athletes often prefer using Anavar because it doesn’t produce an excessive buildup of the muscles in pursuit of more strength and speed, since more muscle mass can be a problem in some sports and these athletes don’t want that.

Why Take Anavar?

Looking at the effects of Anavar, you can see the real purpose of this steroid. It’s quite useful for those looking to improve their physical performance like athletes. On top of that, Anavar is also great in preserving muscle mass like those with muscle wasting diseases. Even those suffering from burns are also prescribed with Oxandrolone to speed up the repair process of the muscles. Because of its fast effects and elimination, it should be noted that Anavar is best used in short durations only like in cases for tissue repair and preservation. But even then, Anavar still aids in increasing muscle mass to some degree.