Home Gym Exercises That Will Get You Ripped

If you are looking to get lean you don’t have to keep going to the gym, you can easily get yourself the right kind of home gym and that is all you need. There are various home gym exercises that will get you ripped with a few weeks of training.

Home gyms provide you with the right kind of resistance training that you may need to get that ripped body. Resistance training is much more vital compared to cardio or fat loss, and will play an important role in your training program. Once you get the perfect home gym, you can start your path to getting that desired lean body.

Getting Lean and Ripped

If your main aim is getting that perfectly shaped body and getting ripped, then you have to follow the right kind of steps so that you make sure you get desired results. You need to have the right kind of nutrition, which is targeted at fat loss, you need to have the right supplement regiment and the right kind of training program. With all these in place, you can start your journey at getting that ripped and lean body.

Depending on the type and model of home gym machine you have, you will be able to do the right kind of exercises to help with your body. We are going to look at a few exercises that you can do at your home:

  • Bench Press – This is a great power exercise that you can do on you home gym machine. This type of exercise mainly works on your pectorals, and sometimes your anterior deltoids and triceps. The bench press needs to be done in many variations so that you can target various areas of the chest. You can do the bench press on a flat bench, inclined bench or declined bench.
  • Pull-ups – Another important type of exercise is the pull-ups. The provide you with the right kind of back development. By combining pull-up variations you will be able to work on various parts of the back.
  • Military Press – Also referred as shoulder press, which works on the deltoids. This is an ideal exercise which helps stabilize your core.
  • Dips – This type of exercise is ideal for your triceps.

Apart from these, there are other type of exercises that you can do so as to get the perfect kind of lean and ripped body that you have always desired.